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M.D. Maximum Weight Loss Center

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Programs: M.D. Weight Loss Clinics in Anaheim Hills & Chino Hills

Our Weight Loss Medications & Injections & Supplements:

"OUR 4 POINT PLAN", which is outlined in 10 mins video seen at the office, discusses in depth (1) Rx Diet meds called FDA approved appetite suppressants & Injections (2) Specialized high protein, low carb, low fat diets (3) Stretching, aerobic, anaerobic exercise program (4) Behavior modification techniques which works. Most patients, with medications on board, are more easily able to follow our 4 point plan to lose weight & keep it off at our Anaheim Hills, California & Chino Hills Clinics, in California.

FDA APPROVED Rx only DAILY Appetite Suppressants:

We have 3 different types of appetite suppressants with different dosages to ensure that based on your weight gain history, will help you to lose weight safely, consistently, and with positive emotions. Our goal is to block your appetite by 30% to 50% so that you lose 1-3 pounds/week. Once that is accomplished then most of our patients get motivated to follow our time tested nutrition plans, exercise program to make substantial progress. As a General Physician for 22 years & specializing as a Bariatric Physician for 15 years, Dr Pendi and his caring Staff will guide you and support you to change your lifestyle and behavior towards food in a positive manner. Each staff member has been trained by Dr Pendi to individually help each patient and build positive relationships.
Dr. Pendi is so committed to helping patients that he sees most new patients himself and is always available 24hrs/day, 7 days/week by Pager 714-764-6757 to ensure that each patient has access to his expertise & is making progress. Therefore, 80-90% of his patients are referred by existing patients indicating the success of his programs!

INJECTIONS (Subcutaneously or Intramuscularly) GIVEN WEEKLY:

We have 5 different types of injections which are also very important for weight loss. These are 100% absorbed since they bypass the gut. Unfortunately, vitamin tablets are broken down by the hydrochloric acid in the stomach and intestinal enzymes, so only 10-15 % absorbed. And high doses of oral vitamins results in diarrhea. Hence INJECTIONS are superior and have been used for 30 years in the bariatric field. We only order them from the most well known pharmacies in the bariatric industry, so highest quality!

Injections that we have also block appetite further, speed up your metabolism, give you more energy, and breakdown fats by making your liver function more efficiently. We will advise you which ones will be effective in your situation based on your weight gain history.

We have "monthly specials" on injections!!!

Herbal Supplements Monthly

We have 5 different herbal products, which are "pharmaceutical grade", to further assist you in certain circumstances. They are effective for carbohydrate cravings, metabolism & energy boost as well as daily weight loss support.

All herbals are pharmaceutical grade herbals which are only available to licensed doctors for their patients.

High Protein Diet Products

We have the highest quality high protein products, which help immensely if you are a meal skipper or get the munchies in the late afternoon or at night. They are also obtained from a well known health company which ONLY sells to licensed MD to ensure that the nutritional value is maintained.

These include bars, smoothies, fruit drinks, hot chocolate, potato chips & more! We have specials on them!
Please note that Injections & Herbals are not evaluated or regulated by FDA.

High Protein, Low Carb, Low Fat Diet Regimens:

  1. We provide a list of specific food to eat, prepared by a dietitian.
  2. Suggestion at restaurant meals, water benefits, ingredients in veggies/fruits.

Exercise Recommendations:

  1. Benefits of stretching, aerobics & anaerobic exercises.
  2. Specific recommendations by medical associations & societies.
Safe, Effective & Supervised weight loss with proven medical weight loss medications & injections at our Anaheim or Chino Hills offices.