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Physician supervised Weight Loss Clinics in Anaheim Hills & Chino Hills

Are you are frustrated with weight loss false advertisements? or results?  Please consider a PROFESSIONAL WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM administered by a member of the American Society of Bariatric Physician (ASBP) with over 15 years experience helping "thousands" of patients. We offer FREE 15 minutes CONSULT at our established clinics in Anaheim Hills, California  or Chino Hills, California. NEW PRODUCTS=BioCitrin, MesoDerm,Quest Bars, High Protein Supplments (smoothie, fruit drink, hot chocolate, cookie & chips )

Weight Loss Medications, Medical Weight Loss in Anaheim, CA

2015 New Year Specials: NEW PTS 


Offer # 1= 1st  week  ( 33% off ! )

( Pay only $17 for 1st week of Meds)

( Includes Daily Rx Diet Pills, Chromium Fat Burner, Fiber Pill +

Weekly Water/Potassium & Vit. B 12 Injection.

(Must buy 2nd wk at regular fee )

Offer # 2= 1st week ( 50% off ! ) 

( Pay only $12 for 1st Week of Meds) 

( Must Buy our Most popular Weekly COMBO SHOT Special =

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Offer # 3 = 1 st week ( 80% off ! )  

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( Must Buy COMBO SHOT Special = Buy 3 > Get 1 FREE for $75)

( Must Buy Herbals for Month @$25 = BioCitrin or 5HTP or Magnesium )




Dr. Pendi, the supervising physician, uses time tested FDA approved Rx diet weight loss medications + weight loss Injections  to decrease appetite, increase metabolism & burn fat.

Our program ALSO offers HCG hormone injection, 3 Herbal supplements, & Quest Protein Bars,

Our treatment provide both short & long term benefits. Many patients lose 1-3 pounds/week safely.
What is the process? :

FREE initial consult with Dr.Pendi (Bariatric Physician)  

* FREE Diet Video ( 10 mins)

FREE 4 point plan "handouts"

* FREE one Quest protein bar

* FDA APPROVED DIET MEDS / APPETITE SUPPRESSANTS: Phentermine, Phendimetrazine, DiEthylPropion 

* WEIGHT LOSS INJECTIONS:   B 12, B Complex, LipoMIC, COMBO & HCG Hormone 

HERBAL SUPPLEMENTS: BioCitrin, 5HTP, Magnesium

*ADDITIONAL:                              MesoDerm Cream, Quest Bars 

* LABS: optional for $39 (check thyroid, cholesterol, glucose). 

* DIET MANUAL: 40 pages prepared by Dr Pendi for $15

* ONLY $25 / week PROGRAM: Diet Rx Meds, Fat Burners, Fillers, Water+ Potassium, B 12 Injection.

* NEW: We have high quality protein drink, smoothies, hot chocolate, tea, chips, cookie & bar

Our Mission Statement Is Threefold
1. Provide Professional Weight Loss Expertise to Help You Lose Weight & Keep It Off
2. Monitor Your Progress with Respect, Dignity, & Care While Protecting Your Privacy
3. Commit to Help You Improve Your Health & Quality of Life

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Your Weight Loss Journey Begins
Today, you have taken the first important step to successfully lose weight. By researching our Website, you can learn the benefits of using a weight loss physician specialist supervised, results-oriented weight loss program. We have the training, experience & friendly staff to help you to choose the right medications & injections to overcome the plateaus that are common during weight loss process.
Did You Know?
Almost 65% of Americans are either overweight or obese & unable to lose weight with diet and exercise alone. Being overweight significantly increases your chances of acquiring diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, gallstones, cancer plus psychosocial disorders. Research as shown that adding Rx weight loss medication to a diet & excercise regimen provides much better results ! 
Therefore, taking appetite suppressants and injections is the NEXT STEP to lose weight. We use ONLY FDA approved safe and effective Rx diet medications which have been studied for 5-10 years continous use.  Please read our actual patient testimonials.

Our Physician has been in practice since 1993 ( 21 years) ! Member: American Society of Bariatric Physicians (ASBP)