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M.D. Maximum Weight Loss Center

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Dr. Pendi 24-hour Pager: (714) 764-6757

Dr. Ish Pendi, Weight Loss Clinics in Anaheim Hills & Chino Hills


About Dr. Pendi

Dr. Pendi graduated from Trinity Pawling Preparatory High School in New York in 1976, securing Class Rank # 3. After medical school he completed residency at University of Kansas Medical Center in Kansas City in 1993 to become an MD. Then, he moved to Southern California, where he resides with his wife and kids. Dr Pendi himself strives to maintain his weight of 135 lbs or so for the past 40 years by alternating basketball, swimming, running and weight lifting & focusing on healthy organic diets & always drinking plenty of water.

Weight Loss Expert

Dr. Pendi initially worked as a general physician in Whittier, El Monte, West Covina. Subsequently, he started moonlighting on Saturday for weight loss clinic in Hungtington Beach. Thereafter, he worked at Orange, Rancho Cucamonga, Chino Hills, Ontario offices. During this time, he perfected his own "4 POINT PLAN" Booklet & 10 Diet Video which is now given FREE to all his new patients to follow. Additionally,he prepared a 40 page comprehensive binder for patients at $15. As a Bariatric Physician, he attends conferences, researches the latest trends and studies in weight loss protocols from the ASBP & OAC ( Obesity Action Coalition ).

Weight Loss Clinics

Dr. Pendi opened his own 1st weight loss clinic in 2000 in Diamond Bar, CA and after 2 years moved to Chino Hills which was a new community. He improved the weight loss practice with contemporary design & computerized pharmacy systems. His friendly staff of NP, PA & MA provides encouragement & support to ensure consistent & safe weight loss. His 2nd weight loss clinic opened in 2005 in Anaheim Hills, CA. Thus Dr Pendi has assisted thousands of patients to successfully lose and maintain weight loss at both clinics.