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5597 E Santa Ana Canyon Rd second floor, Anaheim CA 92807 (imperial hwy exit off 91 freeway)

4183 Chino Hills PKWY Suite B, Chino Hills CA 91709 (Chino Hill Pkwy, exit 71 Freeway)
(714) 974-6900
Mon, Wed, Thurs: 8-7, Sat: 8-4

Tues, Wednesday, Friday: 8-6, Sat: 8-4
Dr. Pendi 24-hour Pager: (714) 764-6757

Success Stories: M.D. Weight Loss Clinics in Anaheim Hills & Chino Hills, CA

Check Out What Our Patients Are Saying About Us!

"I have been a pt at your Anaheim Hills office. I've been very happy with my results. Both your PA's are extremely informative and knowledgeable. Their suggestions for extra shots are helping me tremendously. Thank you again for having a great team of professionals. I have been telling my friends about your program. You truly have a supportive group!"
- G. Luu (Anaheim, CA)
"I came in weighing 268 lbs. I already tried Lindora, which was very expensive for 3 months, lost 20lbs., but gained it all back. I felt nothing was working and was tired of being overweight. My daughter suddenly started losing weight and told me about Dr. Pendi's clinic. Now I have been taking diet pills, combo shots, and exercising 1 hour on the treadmill. After about 6 months I have lost over 80 lbs! Due to my weight loss, I'm no longer on high blood pressure or asthma meds. Thank you Weight Loss Medical Center for giving me my life back!"

- Tammy P. ( Fontana, CA )
"I cannot begin to thank you. Words cannot express the feeling of finally having my body back! After a knee injury required me to be on Prednisone, I gained weight that would NOT come off. I wish I knew about you before wasting my money on boot camp, weight loss treatments, OTC diet pills, etc. NOTHING worked. I used to look in the mirror and was so depressed. Since coming to your office I have consistently lost weight every week and now, two months later, even lost MORE than I had hoped. I am down 15 lbs. and LOVE having my old body back & all my clothes fitting again."

- C. Chavez (Yorba Linda, CA)
"I always struggled with my weight loss most of my adult life. I tried all kinds of products, OTC fat burners, but could not attain my weight loss goal. My friend told me about you. The program is easy to follow and very effective. I lost over 40 lbs with diet, exercise & weight loss medications. The program gives me energy also. The staff is very friendly and very helpful. This program was my alternative to surgery. I am so happy!"

- S. Acosta ( Placenta, CA)
"The weight literally fell off! It was so easy. I already ate healthy, but it was the medication and fat burning shots that just melted the pounds and inches away. I missed my old body and wearing my old clothes. It was the best decision I ever made. Hopefully this will save others from wasting money on so many things that do not work. I also like that you have such a great maintenance plan. I referred a friend who consistently lost every week as well. Thank you SO MUCH for doing what everything else could not and helping me drop 15 pounds in only a matter of weeks! I am forever grateful."

- Caryn C.
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